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Fundraising...Raise money for your organization with the gift of flowers.

Giving made simple!

No Upfront Costs

It's free to set up and run your fundraising campaign – the only investment is a few minutes of your time.

Hands Free

Supporters order online and we deliver directly for them. You never have to touch money or product.

Keep On Earning

Earn up to 25% of merchandise value on every order during your  campaign - you determine the length of time you wish your campaign to run.


How It Works...

Managing Your Campaign

Once your campaign is created and approved, begin managing towards reaching your fundraising goals.

  • Invite participants to share your message and take part in your campaign
  • Create teams of participants to encourage friendly competition
  • Motivate fundraisers by creating incentives
  • Share your campaign promotion code with friends and family

Ordering & Delivery

Participants order online, right from Phoebe's Garden & Gifts.  Products are delivered directly to the supporter's designated recipient on the date specified at checkout.


Your organization will receive one monthly check for the total amount raised during your "Active Period".  All checks are mailed to the address provided during campaign creation.


Ready to start Fundraising?