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How is Phoebe's Garden Different?

Lori Lessord

Phoebe's Garden & Gifts

We believe that buying flowers shouldn't bankrupt a person, plain and simple.  Take a moment and think about why you send flowers... For many people it's simply a way to say "I Love You!", no matter the occasion for the delivery. For me it's very personal, it's a way for me to create a physical expression of that love. There truly is no better feeling than making a delivery and the recipient bursts into tears, so overjoyed that someone thought so much of them to send flowers. That raw emotion is what inspires me each and every day to create magical moments for every single person along the way, from customers to flower market gurus, and of course to our recipients.

Providing our customers with exceptional flowers, affordably takes a daily commitment. We are constantly looking for ways to source the best possible flowers and gifts at the most affordable prices. We are also very committed to our environment and try to source as much locally as humanly possible, from growing our own flowers and greenery, to buying from local growers, to installing solar pv panels that generate all of our electricity. We care about the impact we have on the earth and it's resources, all the while delivering smiles each and every day. Utilizing these connections helps us keep our local delivery prices down. I mean, where else can you get a beautiful floral arrangement for only $19.99??? Seriously!

So why do you see designs from 1800Flowers and other big name companies? Phoebe's Garden and Gifts belongs to a set of floral networks, which gives us access to a constant flow of updated designs and allows us to connect with other top florists across the US and Canada. When you select a beautiful arrangement to be delivered outside of our local area, it's one of these partner shops who will recreate those magical moments for you. Due to prices varying throughout the US and Canada, you will see these Out of Area deliveries based upon a national average and will typically be higher than that same arrangement crafted here at Phoebe's Garden & Gifts. With that said, you will see we still try to keep our Out of Area deliveries lower than those national big guys. How can we do that you might ask? We take a smaller cut and give more to our local delivering shop. Let's face it, there are costs of running a business. We have to charge service fees to cover these costs. What we don't have to do is charge you fees to support a multimillion dollar organization with outsourced world wide customer service centers.

We hope you will give us a try, and experience a whole new way of sending flowers.

All the best!


Phoebe's Garden & Gifts

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