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Why a Freelance Florist vs. a Brick and Mortar Shop?

Lori Lessord

Why a Freelance Florist over a Traditional Flower Shop? No day to day shop management duties and no direct overheads for premises and running costs quite simply mean that you can be sure you will be getting the most competitive prices around. Freelance florists give you the opportunity to have a more personalized celebration, with attention to detail. Freelance florists give you a much more personal feel and touch to your special moments which truly adds value to the occasion.


Having owned and operated a brick and mortar shop in the 15 years of being a florist, we found the biggest drawback was having to factor in the costs of running a shop into our prices. We never expected to attract so much business to be honest, but having done so it really started to make us think “do we really need a shop and the distractions that go with it?"  Having a shop was a fantastic experience and certainly enabled us to grow by having that “Brick and Mortar” presence, however was it the best possible scenario for us? No, it wasn't because we wanted to offer our customers more; more bang for the buck, fresher flowers, bigger smiles.

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